You Are Not Alone

In the US over 7 million men suffer from incontinence. Thanks to non-profits such as Simon Foundation for Continence and NAFC, those suffering from incontinence have many free educational and support resources for patients, caregivers, and professionals. Visit either resource at https://www.nafc.org/ or https://simonfoundation.org/.

Try Before You Buy

Curious about X-top for men but unsure which level works best for you? With our Mix Pack, you can try before you buy. Mix Pack contains 2 pads of each level so you can determine which level or levels works best for you. Use coupon code FREEPACK at checkout.


I've been using X-top for men for years. It is comfortable and effective. Spares carry easily in a pocket.

Bob, Level 3 User

A far more effective solution than any type of brief liner. No irritation, plus it stays snugly attached.

Marc, Level 1 User

They work well for me as an active 21-year-old with overactive bladder. I find them more comfortable and far less embarrassing to wear than Depends diapers.

Brendan, Level 2 User

I'm only 4+ weeks out of radical prostatectomy. I found this product excellent for mild leakage.

Dan, Level 3 User