Caring for Loved Ones Affected by Incontinence

Whether you are a professional or a family caregiver, taking care of someone with incontinence is a demanding job. From the physical tasks to the psychological nurturing, you will be pushed and pulled in a lot of different directions. Yet, your service is invaluable. Taking care of another person shows strength, compassion, and tremendous amounts of character.

As a caregiver, as well as for the care receiver, if you can make incontinence care as natural as possible you minimize stress on both of you. Below are a few tips provided by non-profits NAFC and Simon Foundation to help make caregiving a bit less stressful.

  • Check with your loved one’s health care provider to get a physical examination to see if the cause is treatable then follow their advice.
  • Always be prepared by packing a small bag with supplies.
  • Help them pick out clothes that are easy to get on and off. Hygiene is important as it provides confidence and self-assurance for loved ones.
  • Watch your loved one’s diet.
  • Be empathetic.
  • Adopt a matter-of-fact approach which will help overcome patient’s shyness or embarrassment.
  • Try different products to find the best one that works.
  • Accept help.
  • Remember, you are not alone.

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